Stuck in a Bad Printer Repairs and Maintenance Contract?

There are lot of people who are stuck in the printer maintenance contracts or leases on their current printer machines which are not favorable at all. You might have signed a printer repairs Sydney contract that protects the printer repairs services provider more than it protects you. It is expensive, there are no guarantees or any way to hold the printer repairs Sydney service provider accountable. You might hate such contracts with a passion but getting out also seems to be too costly as the printer repairs services provider also included a clause that is favorable to themselves. Sometimes, you might have some inertia or reluctance to try something new out there. You feel like the current contract is awful but you are not sure you will find something better out there.


If you are going through such a torturous contract, then you signed up for a headache, not a printer maintenance contract and it is time to get out. A lot of these contractors that cannot guarantee you a good service also tend to be quite unethical when it comes to the business practices that they are deploying. While they are barely unable to put in place a great and professional service to keep your printers running in optimal conditions, they will go to great lengths to draft well written contracts that make it incredibly difficult to escape from their snare. Any attempt to leave the contract will be met with some ruthless financial penalties.

If you find yourself in such a cycle of poor service and unethical business practice, there are steps that you can undertake in order to lessen the risk and negotiate your way out of the contract without significant penalties. Here are some simple rules that you can follow if you have signed on a headache for repairing printers:

Evaluate what it takes to get out of the contract: You already know there are some penalties involved but how far are they willing to go to punish you? Review your contract and determine the costs of leaving the contract. When you are signing contracts, it is always important to focus on the exit clauses as this is where most of the punishments are exacted. Look at the number of days of notice that you should give before leaving the contract. This should generally be less than 30 days. If someone wants you to give more than 30 days of advance notice, do not sign the contract!

Is there a price for paying?: In some contracts, it is explicitly specified that you will pay a certain cost to leave the contract before its expiry. When you are also signing contracts and this provision exists, do some clause bartering and make this charge conditional on the quality service provider by the printer repairs Sydney company. Tell them you will pay when leaving the contract provided the service is up to par, otherwise the costs are voided. This gives you plenty of leeway to avoid unnecessary charges when getting out of a contract.

Enter into service contracts with reputable companies: There are companies which repair HP printers capable of providing very professional and ethical services within the service contracts. Look for these and do business with them.

Work out the month to month contracts: If this option or any other short-term option is available go for it. This allows you to evaluate the service and only renew the contract if you are satisfied with the quality.

How does the company count pages: The costs of the service contracts are generally calculated on a per page basis but you need to carefully watch how these pages are counted.

With these simple tips, you will be able to choose the most reliable contracts that ensure your machines work at all times and at an affordable cost.